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The Brelko philosophy has always been that you can’t backup a good product if it doesn’t come with an equally good service. Being in the service business, we achieve this mission by ensuring that our client’s spillage problems are solved by installing an excellent product which is backed up by equally excellent service.

As the principal manufacturer, we believe that we must extend our philosophy by providing training to the people who use and service our products in the field. Training is done at the new Brelko ‘campus’ which is, like the rest of the new facilities, well thought through and planned. Trainees are taken through our workshops where they are shown how we work and maintain ISO standards. Apart from training our own staff here, we train the technicians from clients who prefer to do their own maintenance and we also train our sales agents who are scattered all over the continent of Africa and the rest of the world. A 4-6-week In-house training course covers all the basics, both theoretical and practical. The training given in Africa is done by a Brelko team who goes out to the site to train up the various personnel responsible for operating and maintaining equipment.

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